Wednesday, June 25, 2008

About Patriots’ Forum

Feeling alarmed at the fast changing religious composition of the Indian society, as revealed in the Government of India’s Census Report of 2001, a few like-minded individuals got together and registered themselves as a nonprofit, Charitable Thrust on March 28, 2006. A voluntary study-group emerged with representations from a cross section of the people, including retired civil servants, army officers, social scientists and other sections of intelligentsia. Soon a core group started working with the primary and immediate objective of making all Indian citizens, irrespective of caste, creed or community, aware of the ground realities, especially relating to demographic changes, that the members of the Forum felt will adversely affect the multicultural, secular and age-old pluralistic society of India as also the integrity of the Indian civilization as a whole. Following are the office bearer of the Forum –

Mr. D. C. Nath President:
Mr. R. K. Ohri Secy. General:
Lt. Gen. Prem Sagar Vice President:
Mr. D. K. Mittal Hony. Treasurer:
Mr. Hari Kak Member:
Mr. J.P. Sharma Member:
Mr. Ranvijay Shanker Member:
Mr. Kailash Chandra Member:

The Forum has chosen to remain apolitical, non-communal and nationalist in all its activities.

The announcement of the setting up of the Sachar Committee, the selection of its members and formulation of the terms of reference by the Government of India alerted the Forum to the possibility of another step by the Government in furtherance of its policy to garner minority votes by providing religion based concessions. The Forum, therefore, took up the issue with the Sachar Committee by filing a formal petition, requesting to be invited for further presentation in person as per the terms of the government’s notification.

Not getting any response from the Sachar Committee, the Forum submitted a further “Rejoinder” to the Committee, with copies to all members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as also senior government functionaries like the Prime Minister, Union Home Minister and others. None however took any note. A copy of the ‘Rejoinder’ is attached. After further waiting for government’s action on the Sachar Committee Report submitted to the Lok Sabha, the Forum finally filed a PIL before the Delhi High Court in January 2008 against the proposed implementation of the recommendations of this Report. A detailed update on the progress of the PIL is attached.

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